The Life and Times of Louis Colavecchio

The gambler known as Louis Colavecchio is not your typical player. He is not recognized for making significant leaps or major triumphs in any of his endeavors. He had a well-deserved reputation for being able to deceive the slot machines at casinos.

When he got the gambling bug, he realized that he couldn’t bet the way he wanted to, so instead of hurting himself, his family, and his company a tremendous deal of grief by gambling away all they had, he needed to find another method. He is a guy who has now found a way to gamble in a manner that allows him to play the way he wants to.

That is precisely what he ended up doing. He was able to become one of the greatest coin counterfeiters the gambling industry had ever seen by using both his brains and the business tools at his disposal.
His accomplishment of beating the slot machines in Atlantic City will ensure that his name is remembered for generations to come.

The Beginning Years

Louis Colavecchio was born on January 1, 1942, making him the youngest child of Benedict Colavecchio and Dora Colavecchio. His parents were Italian immigrants who settled in Providence, Rhode Island, where they raised their family. From a very young age, Louis had the ambition to be just like his father.

His grandfather had traveled all the way from Europe to start a new life in the United States with nothing but an entrepreneurial spirit. He was skilled with his hands and devoted his talents to the production of instruments of the highest possible quality. Benedict’s company began to flourish over the years, and as a result, he was finally able to build not one but two sizable tool stores in the neighborhood.

Louis, the middle child of three, aspired to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a successful entrepreneur. He was the first member of his family to complete his education beyond high school after enrolling in college. Providence College in Rhode Island awarded Louis a bachelor’s degree in business administration after he graduated from there in 1964.

After receiving his diploma, he evaluated the various industries and came to the conclusion that the jewelry sector was the one that had the most potential for growth. As a result, he chose to focus his efforts on the jewelry sector. In Providence, he launched a retail establishment known as Trop Jewelry Co. It took 10 years for Louis’s firm to start generating a profit that was even somewhat respectable.

After the company began earning a profit, everything for Louis improved dramatically from that point forward. It took him a long time, but he was ultimately able to achieve his goal of purchasing a large home in an upscale area. This period of unparalleled success in Louis’s life lasted just a few more years until he and his company were hit by calamity, which brought their lives to an end.

The business was broken into one night when Louis was staying late at work, and the perpetrators of the crime viciously tortured Louis. During the time that they were robbing the business, he was knocked out and left there. When he woke up several days later in the hospital, the doctors informed him that everything had been lost. The authorities made several attempts to identify the perpetrator, but they were never successful in retrieving the stolen goods; as a result, Louis was forced to file for bankruptcy.

Even after this, Louis continued to have the desire to run his own business, and so, a few years later, he established Diamonds in the Sky. The diamonds at this store were of the highest grade, and Louis had also outfitted the business with the most advanced security technology available at the time.

This establishment stood apart from the rest of the companies in the area because, in contrast to the vast majority of other establishments, it was not available to the general public during typical business hours. Instead, Louis hung a sign on the door that provided a description of the company and noted that customers needed to phone ahead to schedule an appointment.

Despite the peculiar nature of this circumstance, the proprietor of the nearby business and the other members of the neighborhood would never have a clue as to what Louis was really up to.

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